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Choose what you do

Whether you’re working towards a financial goal or simply trying to make the most of your downtime, SkillPack can help you get ahead. From data entry and customer support to copywriting and transcription, the variety of Jobs available to you as a SkillPacker is extensive and growing all the time.

Data Entry

Help with everything from competitive research to financial planning by inputting data from websites, receipts, and reviews into spreadsheets and forms.

Phone Calls

Even in 2021, many businesses offer most of their information over the phone. Play your part by making calls to gather information about events, services, schedules and pricing.

Data Annotation

Help to annotate images, videos, text and spreadsheets. Simple and satisfying, these tasks can include drawing lines and shapes on images or tagging keywords.

Customer Support

Have experience in the customer service industry? Help thousands of people by answering common questions with a script or by assisting them troubleshoot a problem.

Manipulate Video

Have a knack for video editing? Quickly split videos, save frames, add intros and outros as needed, and much, much more!

Manipulate Images

Crop and resize images for social media or add artwork like logos, banners, and headlines.

Verify Information

Put your detective cap on! Compare information from receipts, invoices, pictures, and spreadsheets to ensure everything is as it should be.

Short-Form Copywriting

Provided with guidelines and a thorough brief, write website copy, review responses, develop product descriptions, and more.

Translation Services

Let us know which languages you’re fluent in and choose from a variety of translation jobs for websites, software, advertisements, and publications.


SkillPack is available in countries on every continent, and we are continuously adding new countries to the list. In the SkillPack sign-up form, there is a dropdown where you can select the country you are working from.

As of now, you must be of legal age, and be a resident in 
1 of the following countries to be eligible to join SkillPack:

Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Hong Kong SAR
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States of America

Receive Payments Through Payoneer

Each job has a value in U.S. dollars (USD) and completion date associated with it. Payments are made on a monthly basis via Payoneer—our payment processing partner. You will need to sign up for a Payoneer account before you can start working with us. SkillPack will transfer the funds made from the platform to your Payoneer account each month.
To be eligible to receive payments via Payoneer you will need to make sure you adhere to the following rules:

Have a Payoneer Account

Have an eligible Payoneer account that you can receive funds from.

Have a Bank Account

Have a bank account that is approved to receive funds from Payoneer.

Make a Minimum of $50

Have made $50 (U.S. Dollar) worth of validated work in the system. Please note that work that is considered incorrect is not compensated for.

Follow the Code of Conduct

Have complied with the Code of Conduct. Failure to comply can result in you being banned from SkillPack and the cancellation of your account and any existing payments.

Get started in 4 steps

Don’t you feel better after learning more about SkillPack?
Now you just need to follow these four simple steps and you’re good to go!

Step 1

Sign up. Sign up with your Gmail account or another email address.

Step 2

Create your profile. Let us know about your interests, skills, languages, and region so you can access jobs that are perfect for you.

Step 3

Set up a Payoneer Account. SkillPack uses Payoneer to pay you directly.

Step 4

Start earning! Choose a job directly from the platform job screen. Get paid per successfully completed job. That’s it—simple!