How we empower our community

We invite you to join a community of skilled workers and gain experience while getting paid. Together, we are shaping the future of work. We guarantee that you receive a fair, region-specific living wage for your work, while you evolve your skills and expertise in parallel to the ever-changing innovative automation technology.

What we do

Our mission

At SkillPack, we are redefining how work is done by empowering you to engage in meaningful work while promoting fair pay and accessibility. Become a member of a skilled and diverse community that promotes a flexible working environment where you determine the limit of your success. With SkillPack, you can equip yourself with the skills to ensure you stay in full control of your career’s trajectory.

We enable you to build the day-to-day that you want. Learn from and work with people who come from all spectrums of education, cultures, and locations.

Fair Pay

It is important to us that SkillPackers are paid fairly for the work that they do with us, and are earning enough to support a healthy life in their region. As you progress to more complex tasks that require more Skills, the paid amount would increase accordingly.


We are committed to developing our SkillPackers and providing growth opportunities that are often limited to traditional full-time employment roles. SkillPackers have access to in-platform up-Skilling, two-way feedback loops, supervisor opportunities, and tasks with enhanced compensation.


We are proud to welcome SkillPackers of all backgrounds and abilities, and provide accessible work to those for whom it may not be otherwise available. We strive to maintain a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment.